Auto-updating Hybrid Applications

Auto-updating hybrid applications, also called “self-updating” or even “sideloading”, are a way to push changes out to all of your users without the need to download a new version from the app store. This approach can allow you to add new features, fix defects, or change assets very easily. Keep in […]

Adding HTTPS support using LetsEncrypt

Adding HTTPS support to your website seems to be the thing to do these days. It encrypts the traffic between your site and your visitors and helps keep unwanted eavesdroppers from seeing the data being transmitted. There isn’t a huge benefit to using HTTPS unless you require the visitor to […]

Decompiling Android APKs

About a year ago I built APK Decompiler which makes it easy to decompile Android APKs.  Under the hood, it bundles two utilities together: APKTool and Dex2Jar. It doesn’t yet convert the .class files into .java files, but you can easily grab a Java decompiler (I’d recommend JD-Gui) to do the work for you. […]